Santa Lucia Cuba

Santa Lucia really is nothing more than a magnificent strip of beach, the resort area is less than 1 ml long with a few hotels lined up next to each other on the shore. A few bars have sprung up near run-down residential apartment blocks where the surfaced road peters out.

Santa Lucia Beach Cuba
With its 21-kilometre strip of dazzling white sand overlooking the northern coral reef, Santa Lucia is well known for the quality and variety of its dive sites, with romantic names such as Valentina and Poseidon. Hotels and resorts dot the island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway.
Dating back to 1514, Camaguey has been wiped out several times by battles and pirates (led by Henry Morgan). When it was rebuilt, its streets became a labyrinth, as if to confuse any future invaders. Today, these winding streets lined with rainbow-coloured houses are a delightful treat.

Santa Lucia Cuba
Santa Lucia is for those mainly those seeking sun, sea, sand and an escapist holiday, but the reef attracts serious scuba divers.

A handful of low-rise hotels all in a line on the beach. Mostly “all-inclusive”.


Santa Lucia is located on the N coast of Cuba, 400 mls SE of Havana, 70 mls NE of Camaguey (Cuba’s third largest city and nearest major airport). Santa Lucia has its own small airstrip, 3 mls E. The area is set on a NE-facing strip of flat, featureless coast backed by a brackish lagoon and facing the world’s second largest coral reef.

Santa Lucia Cuba Travel

The area is haven for beaches and scuba diving attracting mostly those after a secluded type vacation.

A couple of local eateries are in the area, 1 fast-food joint, plus a la carte restaurants in some hotels. Lobster and other seafood at Coco Beach. Food everywhere in Cuba is restricted in choice and often of comparatively poor quality, so it is definitely not a destination for gourmets.

During the daytime activities are mainly beach orientated plus snorkelling, diving and various water sports, including jet-ski. The area also has horse riding.

Hotels all provide comprehensive activities programmes for those so inclined.

The nightlife consists of open-air and enclosed discos. A few local bars. All hotels provide evening shows, cabarets and entertainment.

Santa Lucia Cuba Beach
Popular attractions include:

Parque Ignacio Agramonte : At the centre of this colonial “town square” stands the statue of hero Ignacio Agramonte on horseback. It was sculpted in 1912 by Buemi.

La Merced Church : Restoration has begun in this magnificent 18th-century church with its decorated ceiling and statue of Jesus. In the church, art work commemorates the death of a villager in a duel.

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